Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


The Once and Future Classroom (formerly Scientia Scholae) is dedicated to the scholarship and teaching of Medieval Studies, including K-12, college and post-college levels of instruction. It is peer-reviewed and published electronically once a year.

The Once and Future Classroom publishes work of five general types: (1) reports on promising new classroom techniques, educational programs, curricula, and methods of evaluating instructional effectiveness; (2) accounts of recent trends in any fields of research related to Medieval Studies; (3) lesson plans; and (4) critical reviews of audiovisual materials, textbooks, and other secondary works suitable for classroom use — in particular, OFC seeks assessments of their scholarly reliability, formats, and effectiveness of presentation; and (5) annotated bibliographies in specific fields relevant to teachers of Medieval Studies. Critical reviews are commissioned in advance. Readers interested in contributing reviews are asked to advise the Editor of their qualifications and special interests.

Manuscripts for consideration should be submitted electronically in Microsoft WORD. Submissions should be double-spaced, including all quotations and footnotes in 12-point type in Times New Roman font. They must be paginated and formatted according to guidelines in the most recent MLA style. The essays should adhere to standard American English spelling and usage. We accept papers of between 8 and 25 pages.

We take submissions on a rolling basis with publication of our annual issue occurring in late spring-early summer.

The editors are the final arbiters of grammar, usage, and other conventions and edit contributions to conform to the style of presentation in OFC. Submissions may be retained for use in future issues.

Manuscripts should be emailed to