Educational Resources

A Selection of Websites, Bibliographies, Journals, Conferences, and Societies

by Carol L. Robinson

There are three parts to this list of resources: I) Bibliographies & General Information, II) Online Sources Listed by Subject, and III) Conferences, Journals, and Societies.  This is a revised project that will be continually updated (and eventually it will become more than one page).  If you have a scholarly link that you would like to suggest — or if you would like to help build and maintain this list of resources (become a part of the TEAMS Educational Resources Team) — please send an email  to Carol L. Robinson (  Thank you!

UPDATED: July 20, 2018

Section I:
Bibliographies & General Information

Dr. Alan Lupack, Curator of the Robbins Library,

University of Rochester, presents:
Library Resources on Medieval Topics

(Published in The Once and Future Classroom)

General Information Online Sources

Section II:
Online Sources Listed by Subject



Arthurian Studies


Geoffrey Chaucer

Cooking & Food

English Language and Literature

Anglo-Saxon England & Old English Literature

Anglo-Norman England & Literature

Middle English & Late Medieval Literature

Gender Studies,  Feminism, and LGBTQ+

Graphics: Maps, Manuscripts, . . .



Robin Hood

Section III:
Conferences, Journals, and Societies

Academic Conferences

Academic Journals


Academic Societies

Non-Academic Societies