Conference Work

2017 Sessions and Gatherings at the 52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies

Wednesday May 10 2:00pm

Bernhard: Faculty Lounge

Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday May 11 10:00am

Valley II: Harvey 204

SESSION 4: Building (Draw)bridges: How to Keep Medieval Studies Alive in the K-8 Classroom: A Hands-On Workshop (A Poster Session)
Organizer: Sarah Layman, Independent Scholar
Presider: Thomas Goodmann, Univ. of Miami

  • “Oh, the (medieval) places you’ll go”: Children’s Literature as a Gateway CourseMoira Fitzgibbons, Marist College
  • For Young Ladies and Lords: Medieval Matters for ird GradersVictoria Holtz Wodzak, Viterbo Univ.; Michael Wodzak, Viterbo Univ.
  • Medieval Board Games: Bringing the Entertainment of Medieval Children to the Modern ClassroomSarah Layman
  • How the Imperial Knights of Norco Charge into the ClassroomDanielle Trynoski,; Tom Montgomery, Imperial Knights Production Company; Andrea Montgomery, Imperial Knights Production Company

Thursday May 13 3:30pm

Bernhard: 106

SESSION 123: Richard Coeur de Lion: Then and Now
Organizer: Russell A. Peck, Univ. of Rochester
Presider: Christopher Guyol, SUNY–Geneseo

  • Rethinking the METS Richard Coer de Lyon: Romance Accretions and Historiography
    Peter Larkin, Univ. of North Carolina–Charlotte

  • Lion-Hearted and Demon-Spawned: Comprehending the King’s Cannibalism
    Michael Livingston, e Citadel

  • Which Richard? Bidder’s Choice
    Russell A. Peck

  • Respondent: Kelly DeVries, Loyola Univ. Maryland

Thursday May 11 5:00pm

Valley III: Stinson 306

Editorial Board Meeting

Thursday May 11 6:00pm

Valley III: Harrison 302

Reception with Hosted Bar

Friday May 12 10:00am

Fetzer: 1010

SESSION 223: Sustaining Vivid Medieval Studies Programs in a Time of Diminished Fiscal and Faculty Resources (A Roundtable)
Organizer: Bonnie Wheeler, Southern Methodist Univ.
Presider: Benjamin Joy Ambler, Dwight-Englewood School

A roundtable discussion with M. Wendy Hennequin, Tennessee State Univ.; Danielle B. Joyner, Southern Methodist Univ.; Anne E. Lester, Univ. of Colorado–Boulder; and Bonnie Wheeler.