TEAMS at ICMS 2022

Join TEAMS at our sponsored sessions at the 57th International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Session 57* Monday, May 9, 3:00 p.m. EDT
Magistri et Artifices: Defining Excellence in the Medieval Studies Classroom (A Roundtable)
Sponsors:  CARA (Committee on Centers and Regional Associations, Medieval
Academy of America), TEAMS (Teaching Association for Medieval
Organizer:  Sean Gilsdorf, (Harvard Univ.)
Presiders: Sean Gilsdorf & Gale Sigal, (Wake Forest Univ.)
A roundtable discussion with Kara N. B. Crawford, (Bishop’s School); Christina M.
Carlson, (Iona College); John Terry, (Westminster Schools); Emily Steiner, (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Session 195* Wednesday, May 11, 7:00 p.m. EDT
Crumpling the Timeline: Teaching Medieval Texts Alongside Non-Medievalist Contemporary Works (A Roundtable)

Sponsor:  TEAMS (Teaching Association for Medieval Studies)
Organizer:  Moira Fitzgibbons, Marist College
Presider:  Gina Brandolino, Univ. of Michigan–Ann Arbor

A roundtable discussion with Kisha G. Tracy, (Fitchburg State Univ.); Natalie Grinnell, (Wofford College); Charlotte Richer, (Independent Scholar); Sonja Mayrhofer, (Univ. of Iowa); Taylor A. Sims, (Univ. of Michigan–Ann Arbor); Thomas Blake, (Austin College); Courtney E. Rydel, (Washington College)

Session 283* Thursday, May 12, 7:00 p.m. EDT
Teaching the Middle Ages Using Digital Mapping
Sponsors: TEAMS (Teaching Association for Medieval Studies); Iter: Gate-
way to the Middle Ages & Renaissance

Organizer:David Joseph Wrisley, (New York Univ.–Abu Dhabi)
Presider: David Joseph Wrisley

·       “Mapping the Middle Ages”: Teaching the Global Middle Ages through Multi-
modal Composition and Digital Mapping
Kendra Slayton, (Georgia Institute of Technology)

·       Visiting the Unvisitable: Using Architectural Models in Video Games to Enhance Sense-Oriented Learning
Blair Apgar, (Independent Scholar)

·       Digital Cultural Heritage: Medieval Padua Art in the UNESCO World Heritage List Caterina Agostini, (Princeton Univ.)

·       Respondent:Deborah M. Sinnreich-Levi, (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Session 330* Friday, May 13, 3:00 p.m. EDT
Teaching Abraham’s Legacy: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Medieval Imagination (A Panel Discussion)

Sponsor: TEAMS (Teaching Association for Medieval Studies)
Organizer: Deborah M. Sinnreich-Levi, (Stevens Institute of Technology)
Presider: Deborah M. Sinnreich-Levi
A panel discussion with June-Ann Greeley, (Sacred Heart Univ.); Meriem Pages, (Keene State College); Samantha Katz Seal, (Univ. of New Hampshire); Meredith Day Cutrer, (Worcester College, Univ. of Oxford)

Session 386* Saturday, May 14, 11:00 a.m. EDT
Teaching Nineteenth-Century British and American Medievalism: William Morris
Sponsor: TEAMS (Teaching Association for Medieval Studies)
Organizer:Gale Sigal, Wake Forest Univ.
Presider:Deborah M. Sinnreich-Levi, Stevens Institute of Technology
·       Songs of Sorrow: Misreading Old English Poetry through the Modern Imagination
Francisco J. Rozano-García, (National Univ. of Ireland–Galway)

·       William Morris and the Medieval Arts (Gale Sigal)

·       “A judicious collection”: Selections of Medieval Romance at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century Genevieve Theodora McNutt, (Independent Scholar)