Seeking Submissions for Spring 2017 Issue

The Once and Future Classroom is a TEAMS-sponsored peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to encouraging and facilitating medieval studies at all levels of instruction, including at the college level. This journal is for anyone interested in the teaching of any area related to the study of the Middle Ages. The pieces we publish include:

  • accounts of emerging work in fields of research related to the teaching of medieval studies
  • lesson plans
  • critical reviews of web resources, audiovisual materials, and other secondary works suitable for classroom use
  • reports on promising new classroom techniques, educational programs, curricula, digital innovations, and methods of evaluating instructional effectiveness
  • annotated bibliographies of medieval studies themes
  • responses to previous articles
  • reviews of literature and films related to medieval studies

Manuscripts and any additional inquiries should be submitted online or by post to: Gale Sigal, Managing Editor, at

Gale Sigal
Department of English
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC. 27109