Call for Papers For ICMS '23

International Congress for Medieval Studies (ICMS) at Western Michigan University

Call for Papers for TEAMS-sponsored sessions

Abstracts requested to go to session organizers by Sept. 1st

Submissions to CONFEX system at ICMS final deadline is Sept. 15

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1 - Session Title: Magistra Doctissima: Celebrating Prof. Bonnie Wheeler’s Contributions to Medieval Studies and TEAMS (A Roundtable)

Organizer: Gale Sigal, for TEAMS (

Presider: Thomas Goodmann  (

Format: Roundtable

Delivery Mode: In person

Description of the session: This session honors the scholarly work and leadership of Prof. Emerita Bonnie Wheeler, founder of TEAMS. It builds upon the history and influence of TEAMS and the importance of innovative teaching as well as scholarship that TEAMS has supported but is also open to other aspects of Wheeler’s tireless sponsorship of activities and publications that benefit the entire medieval studies community and especially women scholars. Founder of influential organizations, journals and essay collections and series; author, editor, and mentor extraordinaire, Prof. Wheeler’s scope and impact have shaped medieval studies in fundamental ways.

Send abstracts to either Sigal or Goodman

2 - Session Title: Supporting Women Scholars in Medieval Studies: Alumnae of the Bonnie Wheeler Fellowship (A Roundtable)

Organizer: Gale Sigal, for TEAMS –

Presider: TBA

Format: Roundtable

Delivery Mode: In person

Description of the session: This roundtable introduces the Bonnie Wheeler Foundation Fellowship Program’s successes which supports women medievalists below the rank of full professor. Founded in 2011 in honor of Professor Emerita Bonnie Wheeler, the fellowship continues to support women scholars seeking promotion beyond the Associate Professor level and to enable them to rise to leadership positions. In celebration of the countless contributions Prof. Wheeler has made to TEAMS in addition to many other organizations and publications, we plan to honor her by presenting fellowship winners the opportunity to discuss how the Fellowship and Prof. Wheeler’s support enriched their scholarship and their careers.

Send abstract to:

3 - Session Title: Medieval Studies in Elementary and Secondary Classroom Instruction(A Roundtable)

Organizer: Sarah Brish (

Presider: TBA

Format: Roundtable

Sponsor: TEAMS

Delivery Mode: In person

Description of the session: Medieval studies are frequently ignored in primary and secondary education, yet educators of all levels teach medieval topics that are aligned with core standards. This panel considers the benefits of teaching medieval studies at these levels and how to overcome imposed limits and restrictions. Introducing medieval subjects in students’ education enlarges students’ worldview and encourages interest in medieval culture in Europe and beyond. Speakers may also engage with coopting of medieval studies by white supremacists.

Outreach: Part of TEAMS’ mandate is to encourage the teaching of things medieval at all levels of education, but we rarely have the opportunity to address primary school teaching. The speakers of this panel will draw on their own experience as elementary and high school teachers to demonstrate not only how to introduce medieval culture into their classrooms, but also why it is important to do so. This panel discussion proposal hopes to draw scholars from across the disciplines and may result in a dedicated volume of The Once and Future Classroom.

Send abstracts to:

2 Co-Sponsorships:

4 – Session Title: Making Medieval: The Potential and Pitfalls of Experiential Pedagogy in Medieval Studies (A Roundtable)”

Co-Organizers: Sean Gilsdorf, for CARA (; Gale Sigal, for TEAMS (

Format: Roundtable

Delivery Mode: Blended (in person or zoom)

Description of the session: Aimed at K-12 as well as college teachers, the panel will spotlight educators who have used a variety of “hands-on” methods in their courses (hence the rubric “making medieval”).

Send ideas, thoughts to either Gilsdorf or Sigal

Note from ICMS: This session was awarded one of our blended-format slots. This was a very competitive process, and fewer than one in four applications for blended-format slots were successful. When you advertise your session, we ask that you actively solicit proposals both from people who plan to attend ICMS in person in May and from people who plan to attend virtually. You will also need to have a session presider on the ground in Kalamazoo to moderate in-person discussion (remember, you may name up to three presiders for each session).

5 - Session Title: Teaching the Medieval Bishop (to be submitted by Episcopus)

Co-sponsors: Episcopus and Teaching Association for Medieval Studies (TEAMS)

Organizer: Sigrid Danielson (

Facilitator: Kalani Craig

Format: Roundtable

Delivery Mode: Hybrid

Description: The roundtable provides an opportunity to explore the medieval episcopacy within a teaching context. As civic and ecclesiastical leaders, bishops engaged all aspects of society. The bishop was simultaneously an ideal and an agent who adapted to specific contexts that varied across time and place. These complex and intersectional identities make the bishop a vibrant figure “to think with” in the classroom.  Proposals should explain the approach that will be shared and how they engage students with potential themes such as authority, global interactions, dissent, gender, patronage, and community Submissions that address the session theme for non-specialist students, innovative pedagogies, and global intersections are especially welcome.

Email Sigrid Danielson danielsi@gvsu.eduwith questions.

Submit proposals through the Congress Confex system.